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Type 1 is a professional-grade, traditional, nonflammable, organic adhesive for setting impervious, vitreous, semivitreous and nonvitreous tile over gypsum drywall (walls only), cement board, exterior-grade plywood, concrete and masonry block. This adhesive is used for interior applications only. Type 1 meets or exceeds ANSI A136.1, Type 1 requirements. adhesives High-performance, non-slip white cementitious adhesive with extended open time for glass mosaics, ceramic tiles and marble. • Classified C2TE according to EN 12004 and ISO 13007-1 standards. • Very low emission level of volatile organic compounds, classified EMICODE EC1 R Plus by GEV. • Recommended for bonding glass mosaics. 2020. 2. 28. · MAPEI proposes a vast range of adhesives which are classified according to EN 12004 or ISO 13007-1 standards, based on the following criteria: Cementitious (C) adhesive made from a mixture of hydraulic binders, aggregates and chemical additives. They may be either a one-component type, which means they just need to be blended with water, or a.
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